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    Why do we make a fuss about not using these chemicals? Because we want to give you healthy hair, not cancer.


    Did you know that on an average day you use about 10 personal care products containing 126 ingredients — most of those before you even leave the house? Your skin is a super absorber of substances, good and bad, and the products you put on your skin end up in your body.

    So here’s the skinny:

    Parabens: Ick.  They serve as preservatives and although the FDA has determined parabens are safe for skincare products, many scientists and consumers agree they’re not a healthy choice. The chemical structure of parabens is so close to that of estrogen that it can fit into estrogen receptors at the cellular level.

    Research suggests that this disturbs the endocrine system and leads to breast and other forms of cancer. A 2004 study found high concentrations of parabens in human breast tumors and a follow up study in 2012 confirmed the presence of parabens in 99% of cancerous breast tissue. Free Your Mane uses healthy preservatives.

    Phthalates: Feh. Phthalates are used in a variety of common consumer products. Most personal care products that contain phthalates don’t even list them on the label. A 2002 report found phthalates in nearly three-fourths of tested products, even though none of the 72 products had phthalates listed on the labels.

    Two decades of research suggest that phthalates disrupt hormonal systems, causing proliferation of breast tumor cells as well as rendering anti-estrogen treatments, such as tamoxifen, less effective against tumors. The two large cosmetic companies are just now starting to remove phthalates from their products, trying to catch up with what Free Your Mane has known all along.

    Sulfates: Blech.  The most commonly used sulfates are harsh detergents that strip your skin’s moisture barrier, which is linked to immunity and disruption of skin health, in addition to associated dry, itchy skin. What’s more — they actually rob your hair of natural oil so you have to compensate with extra conditioners. Oh, they also wash out your expensive hair color.

    When sodium lauryl sulfate is used in shampoos and cleansers containing nitrogen-based ingredients, it can form carcinogenic nitrates that can enter the blood stream, causing eye irritations, skin rashes, hair loss, flaky scalp similar to dandruff, and allergic reactions.

    We are committed to your health and the health of our environment —  so why not free your mane of unnecessary chemicals? I wouldn’t expose my family to these chemicals so I wouldn’t expose yours either.