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    Curly Hair

    Curly hair, or textured hair, has unique care and styling needs. Whether you’re hair is wavy, coily or kinky, it can probably benefit from extra moisture. Does that mean water? Well, not in this case. When we talk about moisturizing hair, we are really talking about fighting the effects of dryness and damage by increasing the lipid content and structural integrity of the proteins that make up hair.

    Free Your Mane products work to smooth your hair for loose and bouncy curls. Watch our video to find out how:

    Straight Hair

    Straight hair can suffer from dryness, split ends & frizz especially as it gets longer. Watch for tips and tricks on how to best care for straight hair.

    Chemically Treated or Colored Hair

    Chemically treated, colored hair (aka processed hair) or hair with extensions added needs special TLC. To add gorgeous shine & vitality and keep your hair soft & workable watch for how best to utilize our products for your hair type: