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    Meet your good hair game-changer.

    Why you have “problem” hair. / Problem Hair = Dry Hair
    Frizz and dryness is the bane of every curly girl’s hair life. Did you know that these problems actually work together? Frizz happens when there’s a lack of moisture in your hair. The cuticle opens up so the parched strands can soak up moisture from the air. (That’s why your hair is especially unruly in humid weather.)

    Wavy and curly hair naturally tend to be drier than other textures, but there are plenty of other dehydrating culprits out there too: sun exposure, chlorine and minerals in water, chemicals from hair color, styling products with alcohol, not to mention blow-drying and ironing. Over-washing or shampooing with harsh detergents can also dry it out by stripping hair of its natural oils.

    Your hair problem solved!
    Free Your Mane’s antioxidant-rich, baobab brilliant formula adds much-needed moisture back into your hair and creates an invisible shield on the outer cuticle layer, making strands smooth, shiny, and protected from damaging, drying elements.

    Healthy science. Natural ingredients. Pure TLC.