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    We are proud to be verified as American Made Beauty!                 


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    "Made in America" is not just something we print on our labels, it's something we take pride in.

    We've earned the American Made Beauty seal. It verifies that Free Your Mane fits all of the the following criteria: 

    • We started and are headquartered in the US
    • 100% of our staff is in the US
    • All our products are made in FDA compliant manufacturing facilities
    • Our product labeling meets FDA packaging requirements
    • Our claims made meet FDA and FTC requirements for substantiation
    • Our online store shows the ingredient list before a consumer makes a purchase
    • 90% or more of the value of our product is created from raw materials and components from the US

    At Free Your Mane, we believe that quality is non-negotiable. We only put the best ingredients in our products and our customers realize the difference. We believe that not only is American-made quality unsurpassable, but manufacturing on our soil is the only way to boost our children's future.

    Click here to learn more about American Made Beauty